The Key Person approach is the way in which we ensure that each child has a strong relationship with an adult in the nursery to support their emotional wellbeing. By allocating a Key Person to each child the child knows that there is someone in particular taking care of whilst they are away from their parents. When they have someone who gets to know them well and supports them in interacting with others their confidence and wellbeing is supported.

In addition to building a relationship with the child the Key Person is the best person to share information with the parents or carers about the child’s experiences. Knowing your child also means knowing your family and other key carers such as nannies or childminders, and the relationships which your child has with these key people.

The partnership with your child’s Key Person takes place prior to the initial settling in session when your Key Person discusses your first visit with you. This special relationship is nurtured as your child’s Key Person jointly co-ordinates your child’s care and education requirements by taking time with you to share ideas, listen to you and your child and reflect on the child’s specific requirements.

Staff ensure they have information about children’s backgrounds and beliefs in order to meet their needs effectively. Parent consultation meetings are held at times which are accessible to all, and the key person system is effective in ensuring that children’s achievements are shared with parents on a daily basis.

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