Crescent Nursery Milkstone, located in the Milkstone area of Rochdale, has been open since April 2011 and is our main setting.

Crescent Nursery Spotland, opened in September 2016, located in a ex-church, is full of character and open spaces.

Crescent Nursery Nelson, opening in September 2023, is in the Bradley area of Nelson.

All our nurseries aim to mirror each other in the quality of provision, but with individual enhancements.  For example, at our Milkstone branch we have a dedicated pre-school room for older children as well as a sensory room providing an alternative atmosphere for learning.  Whereas at Spotland, we have much larger indoor spaces as well as access to field and local playground.

Our mission is to provide high quality childcare for children aged 2 to 4 years in a caring, faith atmosphere, where children are able to learn through play.

Our practitioners are qualified top the highest standards and are always consistent in developing professional development further.

All our nurseries are located within the heart of their communities, which helps establish strong links with extended organisation/agencies. Our children are constantly learning about their environment and community links which will help build there awareness about understanding the world around them.

We plan activities around the children to help build them intellectually and the children have learning journeys to record their progress. Assessments are done regularly to assess their development levels are to target. And where early intervention is required it can be sought.

We have strong links with the local schools to ensure a smooth transition for those children who will be moving to key stage 1. We pride ourselves on having excellent teacher and parent communication links by having open dialogues daily and any concerns or comments are dealt with promptly. Parents are encouraged to have an input in their child’s education we encourage this by liaising with them through newsletters and the children’s learning journeys which they are allowed to access any time. If a parent has a concern about their child’s development we promptly deal with that concern to our utmost abilities.